Friday, August 21, 2009

Waiakeakua Stream

From Chinese Bu

Hike was done on August 21, 2009. Today it started as a late hike. On the roster was Dawn and I. We started a little after 1 p.m. and got out by 4:15 p.m. I decided to do this hike again because it was Dawn's first time and my third time. Its probably the trail that I've done the most in the past 2 years.
Alot has changed the last time I came here. Waiakeakua is better known as "Seven Bridges." The last time I was here there were at least 5 bridges and now there is only 3... I think. There's a new fence on the trail as well.
We got to the first good pond with the pipe on top within the first 45 minutes. I thought to myself we shall come back and swim. We got to a major junction in the trail and went right after the smallest foot bridge on the trail. (The one that looks like its gonna fall apart) We went to the right instead of following the major stream. We came to a sort of dry waterfall and turned around. Back at the major junction we went left now and followed the stream and 15 minutes later we were at the falls.
The first waterfall, the hole below is pretty darn deep. At least neck level, I didn't check. We climbed up the right side with a rope and got to the second falls. It was a twin falls. I took a dip and saw another rope on the left side if that waterfall. The hole for this falls was only waste deep for me. I climbed the rope, it was at least a story and a half high. Got to the top and saw two more waterfalls. One was a little cascade and the one behind it was at least a good 60 ft waterfall. There was a rope on the left side of the 60 ft waterfall but I wasn't feeling that adventurous today. Plus Dawn was waiting for me at the bottom of the second falls and I didn't want her to worry. Came back down and chilled for a good 20 minutes.

First Pond

Twin falls, above first falls.

Me under second falls.

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