Sunday, August 2, 2009

Makapu'u - Tom Tom Trail

From Chinese Bu

I just got home from a pretty tough hike. Today on the roster we five hikers. Chinese Bu, Hawaiian Bu, Kylie, Sally, and her friend Keri. We set out on the hike around 11:15 a.m. Started a little later today because people wanted to sleep in. The weather looked pretty good today with overcast skys and the trades blowing, but there was a vog.

We followed what Kaleo did and parked one car at the lighthouse look out and one on Naniki St in Waimanalo. Took us about 30 mins to gain the ridge at the top by Makapuu lighthouse. Right away you could see an awesome view of the windward coast, with Rabbit Island and Makapuu Beach right below us. Following the trail was awfully easy because there were pink ribbons marking the whole way. We went up and down many times on a series of hills. Stopped at one of the views and took a group picture.

About and hour into the hike my valley came into view, Kalama Valley. Took a few snaps and went on. Another hour passed and we finally made it the the building. It's actually Hawaiian Bu's "Dream house." I don't know why so just ask him about it later. On the ridge line above the house was a hang glider platform. We met two women chilling there and they were nice enough to snap a few pictures for us.

We finally reach the telecommunication towers and its a paved road. Thank God it was paved my legs were killing me. Little did I know that we had a ways to go. Climbed one of the towers and took a break over there for a bit. Watched the mountains get a little more voggy. When we were chilling another hiker passed by and just happened that Hawaiian Bu asked him where the Tom Tom trail was just to make sure. He told us the graffitti pole is where the Tom Tom trail starts down into Waimanalo. He also told us that if we are on Mariners Ridge we would have gone too far. We thanked him and he was on his way.

Passing the towers and building, soon we came to our first rope climb down. Went over many more series of hills and soon Kamiloiki Valley came into sight. Then came Mariners Cove valley. Our group grew more and more tired while I just wanted to get this hike over with. We took many breaks along the way in the iron wood forested area. It was nice to relax in the forested area with the cool breezes.

We weren't the only ones enjoying the cool breezes, a little ways further was a couple laying down and talking story. They told us we weren't that far away from where we needed to start going down. "Look for the graffitti pole." is what they had said. They came from Kamiloiki hike.

A few more hills came a telephone pole but it wasn't the one we were looking for. It was the next hill over and I felt exhausted already. Many of my group was exhausted as well. After about another 30 mins of hiking we finally made it to the graffitti pole and we sat and rested there for a while. Ate spam musubis and chips.

Slowly we trekked our way down into Waimanalo. Passing a few ropes and lots of red ants we made it to the bottom. We were on Manawaiola St. when we exited here. Got through with the hike around 6:15 p.m.

Hiking up one of the mountains.

The view most of the time throughout the hike.

Climbing down...

Group picture.

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