Sunday, August 16, 2009

Manoa Falls

From Chinese Bu:

Today I had planned to go on another hike. Just yesterday we did Pia Valley and I was ready for my next adventure.
Todays plan was to meet up with Dawn at 12:30 and go hiking. I was planning to go to Waiakeakua because the last time Hawaiian Bu and I went with our group she hadn't gone. But I guess I'll save that for next time because she got stuck doing something today.

Around 2 I started to drive around and started to wonder about how Manoa Falls has been doing. I decided thats a short hike and I'll be out before anyone knows it. I drove up to Manoa Falls parking and SURPRISE!!! parking was $5!!! Damn I didn't know they charge for parking. So instead I tried to go up to the Lyon Arboretum but I guess that place was closed. I finally just decided to park out on Manoa road and just walk up.

I was on my way up passing all kinds of people. Never have I been on a hike passing so many people besides Diamond Head. I made a few stops along the Manoa river and took some pics. The water looked like it was in better condition than Maunawili Falls, I was pretty surprised. Less than an hour passed and I made it to the falls. I hadn't been up to these falls in possibly over 10 years. The only thing I remember as a kid was all the leptospirosis signs and teachers telling me not to play in the water. This time around at the falls area there was a roped off section where people couldn't go. It blocked people from the falls because there was a landslide back in 2002 near the falls area.

I actually went and took a dip near the falls and people were chattering, "WTF?! are you seriously going in the water." I came back out looked at them and smiled and left. On my way out I met a couple hosting a Japanese person. They talked story with me all the way out on how they know the Tantalus trails and what not. (Something I've been wanting to do for a while)

Anyways heres the pics!

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