Saturday, August 1, 2009

Diamond Head Chillin

From Hawaiian Bu

So we got this wonderful intern from Hong Kong who tells me that she wants to go to Diamond Head and test her hiking legs. She has worked very hard for the YMCA and she deserves to have something go well for her. When I first met her, Vivien said that she didn't want to go hiking, so figured that was that. So when this opportunity came along, I was down to call some troops and take her there, even though I don't have a very high opinion of the hike since they started charging entrance. I also was trying to recover some leg strength from Stairway to Heaven on Thursday.

Cassidy, Ashlee, & Donovan joined us for this saunter up the crater rim. Cass and Ash had also just done Stairway with me, so all our legs were still a little shaky, but it turned out that this was the right type of therapy we needed. As you can probably imagine, there were boatloads of tourists going up and down the trail (should we even term it that?), and it's very amusing to see 60, 70 year old people trying to truck it up to the top with an 8 year old holding their hand. Other great moments included the girl who asked her father if this was a volcano, then followed up his affirmative response with "So where's the Lava?", and the lady who whispered under her breath, "I hate F_____ stairs!" (Guess she's not doing Stairway)

Pictures were freely being shot all over the place by my trailmates. I figure that as long as I bring Ryan or a whole bunch of people, I won't have to worry about pictures and videos. I just got to get all the stuff uploaded to FB or Youtube and placed here. I think Vivien was very happy that we reached the top. She talked about telling her father that she made it to top, and that really made me smile. Even though I barely broke a sweat on this hike and wouldn't consider recommending it to someone that wants to see a real hike on Oahu, I was happy that someone from another country found joy in doing something that I really like. Baby steps!

After the hike we took Vivien to Tenkaippin for some Kotteri Ramen! Both her and Donovan never had Kotteri before, and they both like it. All in all, a good way to spend a Saturday. Besides, got to get ready for the next 2-BU Pa'ina outting tomorrow to the windward side and the Makapu'u Tom-Tom hike. Just so you are all aware: the reason we picked this one is because our friend Sally has wanted to come out with us for awhile now, but according to her she "hates forrests!" Hopefully she likes this one, and hopefully we get some clear skies. Come back and read about it later!

View from the Top

Ashlee is tired.

Group Photo

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