Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Secret Pond

From Chinese Bu

We did this hike a while ago. It wasn't actually a hike more like a stroll to a pond. Hawaiian Bu wanted to jump off of something that day and he knew of this place. I just really wanted to go swimming.

On the roster that day was Me, Hawaiian Bu and Dawn. We were actually in search of this place called Tin Roof. We had found Tin Roof but Hawaiian Bu was curious if the stream had more to offer. So we followed the stream up and found this nice pond. The pond is really deep and pretty cold... but not as cold as Kahana Valleys stream.

After about 20 mins of swimming and jumping off the rock we decided to head down stream and go to Tin Roof and swim. We rock hopped all the way back. We actually found people at Tin Roof. We decided not to go in and just called it a day.

Hawaiian Bu chillin.

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