Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mauanwili Demo to Maunawili Falls

From Hawaiian BU

I have always been the type of person that wants to try to find new paths to the same solution. I love games that allow for various paths that can be taken in order to win. I also like to come up with variations of hikes, just to keep things fresh and exciting. Another reason for this is because we hike alot at the YMCA, and you need to come up with something new when you have teenagers that stay with you for four + years.

With this in mind, I decided to take my college students out on this exploration. I like to test out hike ideas on the college group, because they can handle variations better, and they give real good feedback into what's possible, and what should be avoided. Teens usually will just go full blast into something, without thinking of the consequences.

I have never done the Maunawili Demo trail to full completion. I'm trying to save that one for a day right after a major rain, just to see all the falls coming down the Koolaus. But I figured we could check out the connector trail from the Demo trail to Maunawili Falls below. I also wanted to investigate the way up Piliwale (I just want to know where it is, I don't want to go up it!)

I really like this way to Maunawili Falls better than the normal trail that everyone else does. The Demo trail is basically a flat trail with so many awesome view points, and no hikers on it whatsoever. The only people we encountered were trailrunners, and we went on a Saturday.

It's a pretty short distance to the connector trail, just around 2 miles. It is marked with a sign right on a bend in the trail. The connector trail is overgrown, with choke ferns overtaking the plastic steps that were previously placed for footing. After the fern portion, you come to an ironwood forest, and the sounds of people at the falls start coming into play. After about a 15 minute ramble, you reach the plastic bench and the way down to the falls on your right.

As I said earlier, not a single person besides our group went to the falls on this path. When we got there, there must have been at least 60+ people there, lounging, swimming, talking, bombing, doing illegal stuff, all kinds of things. Obviously, people go to Maunawili Falls on the weekends. It was so crowded, I decided not to go in, and let my students go investigate the second waterfalls. They reported that it was fun jumping into the pool. Haven't been to that one in a long time.

If you really want to go to Maunawili Falls, I highly recommend you use this route instead of the other way. It is much prettier, has less usage, and the view of Olomana and Waimanalo are unobstructed and really unmatched. And it in a month, I'm guessing all those Strawberry guava trees we passed should be filled with fruit.

Ok done for now. Need to go meet my family for dinner. Word is Chinese BU is hitting Poamoho Trail tomorrow. Be safe out there homie!

Me? I'm hunting down a waterfall in Manoa Valley. I hope I find it. If I do, expect another writeup soon. Happy Hiking!


  1. do you know if there is a connecter between Mauanwili demo and olomana backside?

  2. Not sure brother. I know the last time me and Ryan checked out the Demo trail from the Waimanalo side, there was this jeep road that looked like it went straight towards Ahiki (3rd peak). We didn't go on it, but it was a clean, unobstructed view of the peak.