Tuesday, August 10, 2010


From Chinese Bu

Just a little insight from Chinese Bu...
I've been wanting to do this hike for a really really long time. I didn't really care on how the view was... it would've been a plus if it was clear but from Hawaiian Bu's blog you all know it was clouded over. I guess clouded over is an understatement... anyways... from the beginning of the day I knew it was going to be clouded over but I said I wanted to do this hike and finish it. My comrades might have changed my mind to do a different hike if they said something from the beginning because we were getting rained on walking up to Kalawahine trail.

Kalawahine to the flats was easy then to Nuuanu overlook. Contour trail was a breeze and still I was trying not to get my boots dirty. As we made our way up the contour trail I was just hoping the skys would clear up. We made it up half way and Hawaiian Bu was looking a way down to the upper Lulumahu falls. (Maybe for another adventure)

We got just below a rope section where Hawaiian Bu said he would stay put because he didn't want to not see where he was going. Daniel, Katsu and I continued on. The push up seemed like any gain to a summit except a little bit longer. Near the top I noticed the weirdest thing, a palm tree! Soon after the palm tree we reached K1 the first peak on top Konahuanui. We found a cache and wrote in it. We chilled there for a good ten minutes and decided to push on. After about five minutes Katsu asked, " how long will it take to K2?" I told him about an hour. He decided to turn around and I told him to wait for us on K1.

Daniel and I pushed on. I was a bit worried because I didn't want to my party to wait for me long but I also had my safety in mind. We actually trekked in the clouds all the way to K2. Also Daniel had me worried because he didn't have good balance. I pushed on and kept the goal in mind though. I wanted to complete this hike! After about and hour in the clouds I reached a peak. It was K2! Daniel was about ten minutes behind me and I always kept him in ear shout. I tried to look over the edge but all I could see was clouds... EVERYWHERE! I called back to Daniel because he was taking a while and I was worried a little... also a little about the time. I knew we had to get back to the second peak by 2 o'clock and it was already 1:15 by the time Daniel reached the second peak. We blitzed it back to K1 in the mud and clouds. Right before K1 summit on the way back the clouds receded a little just to give us a glimpse of Maunawili valley.

We all made it out safely at about 5:30... I will be back to see the view from the top!

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