Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ka'ena Point

From Hawaiian BU

I debated about posting this, but I ultimately felt that it was worthy of placing here because the only way to truly experience this priceless jewel is to walk the entire way and soak in everything that makes Ka'ena special. I took the Atherton crew to investigate the one remaining untouched beach left on Oahu. I think I speak for all of them when I say that if you want to find out what it means to be a lover of natural things on this island, you must spend time at Ka'ena Point.

We took the North Shore route to get there because we decided to combo some other North Shore things with it. (Shave Ice, Shrimp, Lost, etc.) Just follow the road all the way until the end and park in the lot on the right. Be sure to bring lots of water, a hat, and some sunscreen. You could take a dip in the ocean in some spots, but unless you are familiar with the currents and are a super strong swimmer, I would recommend against it. The only possible place to safely swim is in the tidepools.

All you really need to do is follow the dirt road until you get to the blocked off gate that protects Ka'ena, where it becomes a bird and monk seal preserve. For the most part, the only people you encounter are fishermen, 4x4 vehicles, and people making the trek to Ka'ena Point. you also may want to bring some slippers with you as well because the point has a lot of sand and it would make it easier for some to continue walking.

When you enter the Point, stay on the paths! Don't be going off and trying to disturb the birds' nests. Also, if you encounter a monk seal (which we were blessed to have one in our presence) you need to stay at least 150 feet away from it. The seal we saw must have been almost 200 pounds, a big, grey hulking creature sunning himself on the rocks near the tip of the point. I think he alone made the trip worthwhile for everyone who came. Absolutely blessed!

I think the major thing that you experience when you visit Ka'ena Point is the pure mana of the place. You can see the convergence of the waves at the tip, bashing against each other and creating an amazing visual spectacle. From near the tower, you can see down the coast line of both Waianae and Mokuleia. Above you, the Waianae Mountain range looms with the Satellite Tracking station coming into view. And how could I forget to mention the Leaping place for the departed souls so nearby. Just sitting there by yourself and absorbing everything about this special place allows you to really find out what you treasure and why you treasure it.

I would recommend this walk to anyone that wants to really see what Oahu was before buildings and Burger Kings. I honestly feel transported to another time each time I make the journey to Ka'ena Point. The hike itself is not that difficult. Prepare yourself to find out what true natural, rugged beauty is when you decide to visit Ka'ena Point. It will be worth the effort to walk that long, dusty , dirt road, I promise.

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