Monday, July 27, 2009

What is 2-BU Pa'ina?

What is 2-BU Pa'ina?

We thought up of this name because we wanted to be orginal and local at the same time. Both of us are passionate about hiking on Oahu, and wanted to document all of our adventures for friends, family, and like-minded individuals. We started out going to all these waterfall hikes, and it led us to research many different resources. We came to the realization that there was knowledge we possessed that was not necessarily available in books or online. So we got inspired from the extensive hiking community online and decided to create our own blog of our experiences.

The name 2-BU Pa'ina contains both Chinese and Hawaiian words as well as the intended local slang. Tu Bu is a Chinese word meaning "Hiking". Pa'ina is the Hawaiian word for "Party". If you ever have gone on a hiking adventure with us, you'll quickly see why we chose this name. Both of us like to explore our natural surroundings and find many things fascinating that other people would not really appreciate. And we both laugh..alot!

We've done alot of different types of hikes on Oahu, and have many more places on the list. There are many people we want to thank: Kaleo Lancaster, the people from HTMC, Waianae Steve, Stuart Ball, Bryan's Map, our parents, the crew from Kuhio A+ and Kaimuki-Waialae YMCA, and all the people crazy enough to have joined us on the hikes we do. We do this in honor of all of you and hope that you can laugh along with us as we continue this 2-BU Pa'ina! Mahalo

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